about the i6

the i6 was created to develop elegant solutions to complex problems.   we have created, worked in, led and grown mission driven, solution focused organizations.  from the fire of that experience, we have an array of skills that cross disciplines, ideologies and working styles.  we see surprising intersections, subtle opportunities, and moments that can change everything.

we’ve done a lot of things, like:

  • leadership training
  • executive skill development
  • designing strategic and/or organizational processes;
  • completing literature and/or research reviews;
  • providing strategy and action consultation;
  • designing personnel and agency capacity building plans; and
  • integrating theory and practice in a variety of formats and media.

curious? get in touch and we’ll talk: curious at impossible6 dot com

who we are:

christi knows how to make things happen.  she spends her time helping organizations and individuals take steps to achieve their goals in a variety of contexts.  she’s a planner, an advocate, and a writer.

suzanne believes that ideas are good, but plans are better.  she has tried to walk her talk through her leadership of several change-focused organizations and public policy advocacy.  she also writes, thinks and talks about how groups of people can achieve impossible things.


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