second winds are a strange thing

by smb on February 5, 2009

I’ve been tired these last couple of months.  Tired of the news (with a few notable bright spots), tired of work, tired of the same old same old.  I felt like ‘life, the world and the economy‘ were conspiring to limit my choices and trapping me in the amber of my previous decisions.  But a funny thing is starting to happen, I feel like I’m beginning to push through it.  Instead of kicking at the things that are not soon to change, I’m trying to re imagine the things that I can – and for the first time in weeks, I’m beginning wake up a bit.

Some adages are well- worn for a reason; they are true.  With all this ‘crisis talk’ going around it’s easy to lose sight of the potentials for opportunity and the fact that there are still success stories out there.

To help kick loose some ideas, here are a few good (and occasionally irreverent) posts that meditate on  making change, especially when you hit bottom.

The psychology of survival (via opengardens)

The idiots Guide to the Recession (via Design Trends and Inspiration)

Creativity and the Grave New World (via Seth Godin)

Incremental change and lastig rewards (via openforum)


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