magic eight ball

by smb on November 20, 2008

These are hard times.  Every day, the news is clogged with tales of deepening recession, layoffs, resource scarcity and worse yet, fear of all of the above.

Now is when you begin to tell the difference between smart people, and smart people who are leaders.

Smart people see the options, but leaders make the hard decisions.  Smart people can build a business plan, but leaders put in the time to see it happen.  Smart people can inspire vision, but leaders can keep the ember of insight burning when times are tough.

It doesn’t mean that those decisions aren’t hard.  It doesn’t mean that leadership won’t be tested and tried.  It doesn’t mean that your decisions won’t cost you- And it especially doesn’t mean that every decision will make sense to those who are not faced with making them.

It would be great to be able to tell the future.  It would relieve a lot of anxiety if you could shake the magic eight ball and get the answers to all of our questions.  And if you had that magic eight ball, you could just rest easy with being smart.


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