finding the smaller parts

by mch on November 2, 2008

There’s this place in planning that’s only vaguely charted terrain.  You have a goal that’s a long way off and you’re not yet ready to take the action steps required to move on it.  You feel stuck and immobilized while you can see where you want to go.  Frustration abounds.

Rethink being stuck.  

Instead, start quietly laying groundwork.

Simmering in those initial ideas testing the water can make or break your opportunity to take next steps later.  Sizing up the situation and preparing oneself to take it on, that’s a precious use of time that some people never get to have.  The luxury of bona fide prep time should be put to your good use.

The goal setting people don’t address this gap.  The time between identifying a goal and then wanting to act on it.

The gap is a gift.   It can be a pause during which you can take stock of why lies ahead and think through what you’ll need to take your first step on that proverbial path to success.  It’s time for preparation, surely, and thinking through what your success will look like.  What your success will look like to you.  And how you’ll know you achieved it.

Your success doesn’t need only to be painted with big, bold brush strokes.  Sure those big swaths of color will be important, but the smaller details will add richness and depth to your picture.  What are the small steps, the small detail work that you can begin early on?

What will make you stronger?

Who should you be connected to/in the know about/aware of?

What’s changing?

What learning do you need to do?

This preparation time isn’t about making lists and starting to check things off – though depending on your personality type, that skill could be useful later.  Instead, that time can be used to get perspective on the overall picture so you’re prepared to take your action steps later.  

There are times when slow and steady wins the race.  It’s a viable strategy, especially if what you have in abundance is time.


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