evil genius

by smb on October 1, 2008

I have been recently captivated by the online comic A Softer World.  The artfully done images are often jarringly discordant with the wry (often very funny) text.  Here is the one I read this morning.

At first glance, the image of the innocent, dependent child mightily conflicts with our notions of the kind of villain who makes dramatic statements about world domination.  There is, however an interesting (and entirely unrelated to my point) sub genre of ‘evil baby’ cultural references -Stewie, from The Family Guy, for example.

Here is my point.  Can you imagine such an amazing place of confidence?  Or vision?  Concerns of megalomania aside, there is something to be envied in the capacity to identify a surmountable impediment that, when overcome, will put you on the way to achieving your vision.  When these trials are infused with optimism (and not desperation) people achieve things.

Part of the narrative of leadership is identifying those small moments that started your journey and resulted in your current mission (or dare I say quest?).  Can you look back at your biggest successes and remember the instant you committed yourself to the journey?  What was your untied shoe lace?  Knowing the answer to that question can reinvigorate your own personal commitment to a goal, but also can ignite the potential for leadership in others.

But back to the evil genius.  I  think there is something worthwhile about indulging your inner evil genius.  I’m not talking about drowning in negativity (or as Gary V would put it drinking the hatorade), but just blowing off some steam creating evil plots and plans. Vanquish your arch nemisis?  Run Gotham with an iron fist?  Figure out your superpower?  All potentially productive ways of opening up your mind to possiblity.

In fact for the next few days, you have the chance to manifest your evil genius because the Evil League of Evil is accepting applications.


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