don’t cheat about the small stuff.

by smb on September 30, 2008

It would seem like just coming up with the idea that will change the world should be enough. After you have cleared the deck, figured out what you believe, and persuaded the world — it should all wrap up with a neat little bow. Right?

Wrong. Then the details begin.

Ideas become paper. One sheet becomes a ream. And then, with enough words, none of it makes sense anymore.

Manifesting your best ideas can get bogged down by both your own expectations and the bureaucracy of making things happen in the real world. Instead of focusing on the core ideas (the parts that matter), we can become obsessed with detail and specificity.  We can plan to death, over think and get lost in systems.

And that’s when your vocation becomes a job.

Or you can hold on to your essential values.  People and companies who are solid on their vision can find ways to make systems bend to their paradigm.  When Common Craft was seeking a new way to refresh their licensing agreements, they lived their being lightweight philosophy. At Google, their  expense reimbursement policy is centered on the notion of ‘reasonable’ – and is 131 words long.

Little victories are like paper cuts,  they feel much bigger then they actually are – and some days, that’s what makes the difference.


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JD Stein October 1, 2008 at 7:18 am

Just stumbled upon your blog through Triiibes. I couldn’t agree with this post more. Little victories are the key.

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