angry? apply here.

by smb on September 30, 2008

There is a palpable fury in the air. A rage that is just at the edge of simmering, and ready to burst into a boil. It’s showing itself in politics , it’s in our driving, and in our popular culture. And, I’m not sure that it is entirely a bad thing.

At its most useless, rage can make us curl up on ourselves and head down the path that is laden with cynicism. It can make us despair of people. It can make us lose hope. Most of the time, anger wells up and leaves us immobile and pressurized, until the moment it finds its (often destructive) expression.

But rage can also create opportunities. If you are the right kind of leader. If you can say the words that inspire useful movement. If you can both simultaneously connect with the static, frustrated place of right now and create a palpable and real vision of what could be; rage may be the catalyst to action.

Rage can become action. Rage can become a creative force. Rage can be the beginning of a better way.


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